The association

ASOCAN is the “Association of Growers and Exporters of Plants and Flowers from Canary Islands”

Created on September 14th, 1977, to “FOSTER THE PROFESSIONAL INTEREST OF ASSOCIATED COMPANIES”, in order that they meet the most demanding needs of the Ornamental Market and to promote the most effective and modern exploitation of agricultural facilities.

Currently, ASOCAN represents two distinct collectives:

  • The first, and founder of the association, is the group formed by companies Producers and Exporters from the Canary Islands: it is inegrated by 85% of the Ornamental Growers-Exporters from the Canary Islands, clearly defined into three SUBSECTORS:
  • The second collective is part since its approval in the General Assembly held on April 2nd, 2009, and is formed by Gardening companies, which represent over 75% of this collective in the Canary Islands.


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